Just add water



Hi babes,

My name is Jordan Turner and I am the founder of this little slice of internet paradise, The Ocean Minded.

Monday through Friday I am working full-time as a Marketing Communications Manager for a fitness and fashion e-commerce company. Believe it or not, social media pays my bills (seriously). I am among few 20-somethings who can say with absolute certainty that they love their job and I consider myself very lucky to have fallen into this industry.

Outside of the office, I am an ocean enthusiast with a love for creative adventures. I am a firm believer that life is better in a bikini, a margarita connoisseur, creative junkie, surfing-amateur, sunset chaser, fashion-addict, retired swimmer and an avid runner.

Still, I found myself wanting more than just an awesome 9-5 job and less-than-exciting social life. I needed something (anything) to give purpose to my obsession with bikinis, my love for not-so-candid photos, my reoccurring daydreams of the salty water and thirst for travel.

So here we are.

My tiny corner of the internet is a blend of fashion, fitness tips, inspiration, beach lifestyle, food + DIY tricks. Just add water and a good time is bound to be had– follow along.